We have all been in a position wondering if our supplement is authentic or not while buying it. We at Skulptz have put an end to that thought. We do not involve any middle men or secondary distributors like most others in this market. All the products at are sourced only from the official importers and we are certified for distribution by them. You will always receive the product with the original importer sticker, hologram and a Tax paid retail invoice. We carry stringent checks from when the products enter our warehouse till the time the products get packed and shipped to you. Authenticity matters and we promise to deliver what you paid for, no surprises there!

FSSAI license No:  124200700238.


  1. Product should be Sealed pack.
  2. Imported Product must have an Importer Sticker.
  3. Expiry Date and Batch Number (verifiable with the manufacturer).
  4. Tax Paid Retail Invoice from the seller.

To verify Skulptz (Luxsum Enterprises Pvt Ltd) as an authorized seller, you may contact the respective brand importer on their customer care and verify the same.